Davinia-Ann is a Contemporary Visual Artist exploring the intersectionality of race, gender and class when applied to Black Women, whilst also considering the palatability of being a Black Woman in Britain navigating through culturally biased terrains which have been developed from ideas of race and gender superiority.

Davinia’s work examines notions of Black Women as Other who are viewed through the lens of object, abject and grotesque and are displaced within the periphery of Western Culture, Davinia’s work also draws from critical research in Gender and Race studies.

Davinia’s work is created through multi-disciplinary approaches utilising sculpture, woodwork, marking-making, film and sound which culminates in created experiential installation pieces which are tactile and compel the viewer to touch or recoil.

Davinia received the 2010 Eckley Lacey Textile Award from Goldsmiths University Of London and is currently a 2018/19 Artist In Residence at The Florence Trust.