Davinia-Ann’s art practice explores the cultural politics of emotions and the implications of these emotions for Black Female bodies in colonial spaces, while also considering the palatability of being a Black Woman in Britain navigating through culturally biased terrains which have been developed from ideas of race and gender superiority.

Davinia’s work examines notions of Black Women as Other who are viewed through the lens of object, abject and grotesque and are displaced within the periphery of Western Culture. Davinia’s work draws from everyday lived experiences and critical research in Black Feminist Thourght and Gender and Race studies.

The Materiality of Davinia’s work is used to incite and compel the viewer to touch or recoil when engaging with her work replicating exchanges between her body and bodies of others which she has experienced navigating colonial space.

Davinia received the 2010 Eckley Lacey Textile Award from Goldsmiths University Of London and is currently a 2018/19 Artist In Residence at The Florence Trust.